Jennifer Johns creates sounds and experiences that are sure to stir your soul, inspire your mind and move your body. This powerhouse vocalist, songwriter and producer vacillates between soul, hip hop, afro beat, dancehall, rock, reggae, deep house and more. 

Rocking stages from Denver to Dusseldorf, Los Angeles to London, Kuala Lumpur to Kampala - Jennifer has shared line ups with some of the best in the business including the likes of Ms. Lauryn Hill, The Black Eyed Peas, Mos Def, Capelton, Ziggy Marley, Gil Scott Heron, Wyclef, Les Nubian, De La Soul and Common to name just a few. 

Jennifer’s journey as a recording artist began in 2004 with the underground success of her first album, HeavyElectroMagneticSoularPoeticJungleHop.   Songs like the title track “Heavy” with its accompanying artfully futuristic video, broke through the national underground scene making Jennifer a notable force in her field.  In 2007 she learned the hard way about industry rule #4080 and was unable to release her sophomore album, Painting on Wax. In spite of the release issues, the project was still met with favorable reviews Chicago Tribune, SFChronicle, URB, XLR8R and more.  While the album in completion never saw the light of day, songs like Ghetto International, Let the Drum Moan and Chasing the Sun made their way to independent radio and mixshows around the world. 

Jennifer never stopped making music or performing, and never will. However, until recently, Ms. Johns has not released much music for public consumption.  “I needed some time to remember why I was given this talent and what it is for…” says Johns about her space from the entertainment industry.  

In response to her need for meaning in her craft, she shifted her intention from the entertainment industry to leveraging her art for social movements. Immediately she began to find herself sharing stages with thought leaders like Van Jones, Dr. Michael Beckwith, Phaedra Ellis Lampkins,  Malkiya Cyril, Shawn Ginwright and more. Her brand of soul inspiring sounds have landed her gigs at The Kennedy Center, The Apollo, and on stage for both NFL World Bowl and The NFL Hall of Fame.  

Over the last 8 years, Jennifer has has also become a Green For All Fellow, a BoldFood Fellow, the Artist in Residence at Food First, the First Artist in Residence at Langston Hughes Center for Performing Arts Institute, and a Kapor Foundation Grantee two times over for her video journal on sustainability and poverty called Go Liv.   

In February of 2016, Jennifer began a journey called The F.U.N. Manifesto to ask people about their ideas of freedom. What was meant to be a three week trip became a 10 month odyssey that ultimately produced Jennifer’s first official release in nearly 10 years, AZANIA.


photo by Mike Schreiber

photo by Mike Schreiber


"It is not everyday that the artist achieves the ability to stir the heart and mind though sound and vibration. My heart has not yet stopped stirring since I have heard Jennifer Johns" 

~ KRS-1  

From deep within her spirit, Jennifer Johns radiates the energy of her ancestors through her voice.  To be enfolded in her passionate singing is to be in the presence of a transformational, healing agent. 

~Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith 

"No matter where you are in the room, when Jennifer starts to sing, you are physically and spiritually beckoned to bear witness and are thankful for the calling."  

~ Sterling James, KBLX 

"Jennifer Johns voice calms me, eases me when I am in pain and inspires me when I need strength."

~Set Shakur 

“Jennifer Johns has a unique ability to combine purpose and passion in her music. From the studio to the stage she challenges her audience to elevate their conscious while simultaneously giving them energy in the music to make them move. SHE ROCKS!”  

~Kev Choice 


Jennifer Johns is a new breed of artists who is boldly following in the steps of past greats like Sonia Sanchez, Harry Belafonte and Nina Simone in the sense that she is damn good at her craft and sets a standard that's hard for many to beat, but at the same time has an uncompromising, dogged commitment to using her talents to uplift the people. 

~ Davey D